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Visiting Mr. Green by Jeff Baron

Directed by Gary O’Neil

Season – 5 – 26 March



86 year old widower Mr. Green is almost hit by a car driven by young corporate executive Ross Gardiner. Found guilty of reckless driving, Ross is ordered to spend the next six months making weekly visits to Mr. Green. What starts off as a comedy about two people who resent being in the same room together develops into a gripping and poignant drama, as family secrets are revealed and old wounds are opened.


The internationally-acclaimed story about parents and children, lifelong secrets, and finding friendship in unlikely places. This bittersweet comedy shows that wisdom and folly come at any age, and that sometimes, the unexpected visitors are the ones we need the most.


“One of the most-produced plays in the world”


“Sometimes, the unexpected visitors can be the ones we need the most”


Blithe Sprit by Noel Coward

Directed by Cameron Castles

Season – 7 – 28 May 2011



An improbable farce -- and a matter of wife and death


In this smash comedy hit by Noel Coward, protagonist Charles Condomine invites into his English country home an eccentric medium to teach him about the occult. Little does Charles or his second wife dream that a séance staged by the medium will summon back Charles’ first wife, now “passed over” for seven years. Hilarity ensues as wife #1 tries to make a ghost of Charles so he can be with her in the spirit world. Mistakes occur, however, and it is wife #2 who takes a fatal automobile ride and passes on to the ever-after. Now, two blithe spirits return to bedevil the utterly bewildered Charles.


Pirates of Christmas Island

A theatre restaurant

By William McCreery-Rye and Lesley Smith

Directed by William McCreery-Rye


Season – 16 July - 7 August – Saturday & Sundays only – 6pm


Legend has it that Captain Phileas Finch has killed off his other crews so nobody knows where his buried Treasure is located, so it’ll be quite a motley crew he’ll be assembling. Of course, his crew all have their own pasts and they all have their eyes on the main chance – the opportunity to grab one of his many treasure chests buried in many locations around the world. (Phileas didn’t believe it to be wise to be putting all his assets in one basket). This is to be the big – round the world trip to pick up the loot so he can make an honest woman of his home-base “sweetheart” Molly Malicious (the reason he spends so much at sea) and to retire to live in his penthouse overlooking the harbour…giving up his plundering ways and his ‘Girl in every Port” philosophy.



The Mousetrap by Agatha Christie

Directed by Kurt A Lerps

Season – 3 – 24 September

The Classic – A Landmark – A legend

For over 56 years The Mousetrap has been thrilling audiences in London’s West End.  The longest running play in the world first opened at The Ambassadors Theatre in 1952 and starred the great Sir Richard Attenborough.  Since then many illustrious actors have trod the boards in “The cleverest murder mystery of the British Theatre” (The Daily Telegraph).


Centenary Theatre is thrilled to bring one of Agatha Chritsie’s most famous mysteries to the CTG stage for the first time to celebrate its 60th season in the West End. It's a dark, snowy evening at Monkswell Manor as Mollie and Giles prepare to receive their paying guests. A radio newsflash - a desperate murderer is on the run. The guests arrive. The trap is set... Remember, once you've seen the show, you're not allowed to tell anybody whodunnit!




Red White and Boogie by Peter Pinne and Don Battye

Directed by Steve Pearton

Season – 5 – 26 November

“Lots of laughs in this witty show” (Sun)

Two shipwreck survivors, the Countess Popesceau and Miss Fotherington, arrive at a seedy hotel in Casablanca run by the cheekly little Arab, Ali.  They are followed soon after by Viya Con Dias, a Hollywood film star, and Chuck, her manager.  Digger, an Aussie soldier, is fascinated by the Countess.  Fotherington is more interested in Hugo De Witt who owns the hotel.  Viya lets it slip she has negatives from the Embassy and later that night they are stolen.  Ali has them.  The Countess seduces him into giving them to her.  Later when all is quiet, there is a gunshot and it is discovered that Hugo has been shot, strangled and stabbed in the basement.  All of the occupants are horrified, but none of them want the police involved so they decide to sell the body in the Casbah.  They wrap the body in bandages to disguise it and throw it out the window for Ali to collect - but the body disappears!  After a frantic search the body is found - coinciding with the arrival of the Police Chief.  After they are questioned about the murder, the Countess calls the Chief and tells him she'll admit who killed Hugo in exchange for a new passport.  She accuses Fotherington, and she confesses... but when it is discovered that the Police Chief is really Chuck in disguise,  Fotherington is not arrested, after all - in Casablanca, anyone can get away with murder.









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