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Directed by Rod Felsch

by Tom Taggart (Based on the Dime Novels of Edward L. Wheeler)

Season - 12 July - 2 August (a theatre restaurant)

A Rootin’ Tootin’ Melodrama of the Gay ‘90s in Three Acts

Exciting stories taken from cheap novels of the 1880's about a Robin Hood of the Black Hills, and the melodramatic lure of the Old West

Sub-titled The Game of Gold, the play centers around the conniving of the central villain, Black’n Red, and the two heroes’ attempts to thwart him. The heroes are Ned Harris and Wild Bill Hickock. Being a melodrama, there must be ladies in distress and Deadwood Dick has two, sisters, Rose and Lily Blossom.

The action of the play takes place in Calamity Jane’s Mantrap Saloon, which is populated by a wide range of interesting characters, led by its hardheaded but softhearted proprietor, Calamity Jane. The head “girl” at the saloon is La Paloma, a femme fatale wannabe. Representing the established law, such as it is in Deadwood are Judge Nix and Sheriff Loveless. The sheriff’s wife, Molly, provides the emotional angst within the play as she reveals and then deals with her past indiscretions. Interestingly, the moral rock of the production is the stereotypical Chinese cook, Pong Ping. The bartender and partner-in-crime with Black’n Red is Chet Pussy

Deadwood Dick promises to provide a couple hours of pure enjoyment. Audience members will be encouraged to boo, hiss, cheer and - especially - laugh.

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