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Hay Fever by Noel Coward

Directed by Gary O’Neil – Season – 8 – 29 May


A luminous and entertaining comedy, Hay Fever introduces you to the Bliss family: a retired actress mother, a novelist father, and two children for whom all the world, literally, is a stage.   Their outrageous antics alternately infuriate and astound their hapless weekend guests, all of whom have been individually invited up for a weekend tete-a-tete. Rousing fights, surprise engagements, and fevered declarations of love drive the poor guests from the house, leaving the family happily bickering and playing amongst themselves as this stylish comedy bounces to its  inevitable and intoxicating end.


Hay Fever, Noël Coward’s characteristically effervescent and sophisticated comedy of bad manners, fizzes with his unparalleled wit and biting satire.




Christmas in July

Scrooge "A Christmas Carol" -

the pantomine version


The famous Charles Dickens character Ebeneezer Scrooge, is given the panto treatment in this wonderful version of A Christmas Carol. The story is set in Scrooge's Chocolate Factory and follows the relationship between Scrooge and his downtrodden workers, led by reluctant foreman Bob Cratchit. It's Christmas Eve and Scrooge is being his usual miserable self. Christmas decorations are banned and his workers are ordered to work Christmas Day, or face being sacked. But Strange things begin to happen in the factory,and life is about to change for Ebeneezer Scrooge. Firstly, the ghost of his old partner Jacob Marely appears and Scrooge is visited by three ghosts of Christmas, past present and future. They show him the errors of his ways, and eventually Scrooge changes for the better in an emotional finale. This version follows the outline of the original story. But also includes all the elements of traditional panto.    Fun for all the family 

                                         Season - 10 - 31 July 2010




 Little Murders by Jules Feiffer

Directed by Gary Kliger  - Season 4 – 26 September

Feiffer, author of the film CARNAL KNOWLEDGE, shows us a modern metropolitan family of matriarchal mother, milquetoast father, normal cuddly sister, and brother who is trying to adapt himself to his sexual orientation. Sister's fiance' is a fellow who knows how to roll with the punches; he figures that if you daydream while being mugged, it won't hurt so much. They have a hard time finding a preacher who will marry them without pronouncing the name of God.   ''Little Murders'' is the darkest and perhaps the funniest comedy ever written about what it was like to be alive and half-crazed in the urban American jungle of the late 1960's – NY Times

The Underpants by Carl Sternheim,

Season – 6 – 28 November

Adapted by Steve Martin from Carl Sternheim’s 1910 comedy “Die Hose,” this hilarious comedy dives into issues of sex, feminism and politics. The story begins when young housewife Louise is at a street parade for the Kaiser when her underpants fall off. She is pretty sure no-one noticed but within hours the rumours are all over Dusseldorf. Meanwhile her bullet-headed husband fears for his precious nine to five position as a tiny cog in the loud clanky machine of pre-war German bureaucracy. Forced to sub-divide his modest flat he is pleasantly surprised by the number of keen, male, would-be boarders lining up to apply. The cruelly neglected Louise is suddenly a star. Her buried desires are awakened. And then things rapidly start to get out of control. “The Underpants” is a witty and hilarious look at marriage, gender roles, celebrity and class. This production is for mature audiences only.  



Radio Waves on the Radio PDF Print E-mail

The Team got to do Radio for real audio here

Radio Waves - Theatre of the Imagination PDF Print E-mail

The Centenary Theatre Group is proud present a series of Radio Plays 

This is Centenary Theatre Group’s tribute to the time when Radio was King.   Long before Television arrived on the scene, families would gather around the radio in the evenings as a family and listen to a variety of favourite programmes,

Radio was,  and still is  – Theatre for the Mind and imagination.

For your entertainment we will be presenting episodes of --

Dragnet - The Big No Tooth which was first broadcast on April 5, 1955.

Gunsmoke - The Guitar which was first broadcast on December 26, 1953

Superman - Batman’s Great Mystery (Chapter 11)  first broadcast February 17, 1948.

Who’s on First (first performed on radio by Bud Abbott & Lou Costello in March 1938)


The radio Waves Season runs from 11 July – 1 August (no performance Sunday 12 July)

Performances – 11, 17, 18, 19, 24, 25, 26 and 31 July, 1 August; Friday & Saturdays at 8pm, Sundays at 6pm

The Boys Next Door PDF Print E-mail

by Tom Griffin

Directed by John Boyce

Season - 2 - 23 May


Four men’s struggle to make sense of this mixed up world


The Boys Next Door is the story of 4 mentally challenged men and their social worker.  Arnold is a manic depressive with deep-seated feelings of inferiority.  Barry is a brilliant schizophrenic who has convinced himself that he’s a golf pro.  Lucien is a grown man with the mind of a 4-year old who is preparing to appear before the state senate to fight for his social security benefits.  Norman is a mentally-retarded man who works in a donut shop and has a serious attachment to his keys.  The play chronicles their daily lives living as simple men in a complicated world. 


 "THE BOYS NEXT DOOR moves the audience to an awareness of how many things in everyday life we take for granted" -NY Times.

Flyer here


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