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There Goes the Bride - an AUDITION PDF Print E-mail

Saturday 26th August 1.30pm

Directed by: Janine Francis

Season: NOV 4 – NOV 25 2017

Genre: Farce - is a teamwork effort and is quite difficult to do well. Timing is everything. The actors must be dynamic and precise in their delivery with a belief that the situation is real.



URSULA WESTERBY – She is in her forties, attractive & organised.

JUDY WESTERBY – She is about 20 and attractive.

DR GERALD DRIMMOND – He is in his late sixty’s. There are still signs of his perfect bedside manner but he’s now somewhat vague and a little deaf.

DAPHNE DRIMMOND – She is in her late sixties, forceful and very much in command of all her faculties.

TIMMOTHY WESTERBY – He is in his forties, Handsome, slightly neurotic. Sings & dances (20’s Era)

BILL SHORTER – He is handsome and rakish in his late forties.

POLLY PERKINS – She is about 22, extrovert, very kooky and attractive. Sings & dances (20’s Era)

CHARLES BABCOCK – He is a large bronzed man in his fifties, and speaks with a strong Australian accent.

Note: Playwrights description of characters. Ages are only a guide. All cast apart from Babcock have an upper British accent.



The linchpin role belongs to Timothy Westerby; he’s the focus of all the confusion and is on stage for most of the play.

In the second act, moreover, he has a couple of Ginger Rogers/Fred Astaire dancing scenes with Polly… so both need to be able to sing and dance.

 The Westerby female family members are Ursula (the mother), Judy (the daughter), and Daphne Drimmond (the grandmother). I am hoping with good casting that it is easy to imagine these three are related to one another.

The cast is ably rounded off by Bill Shorter, in a supporting role as Timothy’s business partner, and, in the second act, the Australian father of the groom Charles Babcock.

The absolute delight in this play is Dr. Gerald Drimmond, (grandfather of the bride). He is confused, somewhat deaf, and possibly mildly senile. As such, his role of course serves to increase the already considerable confusion.



Timothy Westerby is an advertising executive under considerable stress to launch an important ad campaign for a bra manufacturer; this in addition to the stress of his daughter’s expensive wedding. 

It is the morning of the wedding. He arrives home from the florist with a cardboard cut-out of a 1920’s flapper which he intends to use in the ad campaign. An accident in which he hits his head results in him imagining that the cut-out is a real girl going by the name of Polly Perkins, who in turn wants to seduce him.

Unfortunately, only Timothy can see and hear her. The end result is that the other characters slowly become convinced that the strain of both work and the wedding have sent Timothy over the edge.

Adding to the confusion is the addled grandfather; the daughter distraught that her father will not likely walk her down the aisle (and who disappears in tears to her room several times, thus the title of the play); and a series of phone calls with Charles Babcock, the Australian father of the groom, in which all sorts of inappropriate things are said and false promises are made both on the phone and in person.

So, when Timothy hits his head a second time, whoever thinks that Polly will now disappear into thin air is badly mistaken there is worse to come…

Please contact the Director for more information: Mob. 0449 187 910 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

No prepared piece required --

Audition will be held at the Chelmer Community Centre, Cnr. Queenscroft & Halsbury Streets, Chelmer

Good Grief - An Audition PDF Print E-mail

Saturday 3 June at 1.30pm

Cast required:

June – Female, 50+

Pauline – Female, mid 20s to early 30s

Eric – Male, Mid to late 30’s

The Suit – Male, 45+

The Bar Attendant – Non speaking part, Male/Female, 18 – 80

Please contact the Director Cameron Castles for more information: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Season - 9, 15, 16, 17, 22, 23, 24, 29 and 30 September

No prepared piece required -- audition will be held at the Chelmer Community Centre, Cnr. Queenscroft & Halsbury Streets, Chelmer

Audition - 29 April 2017 PDF Print E-mail



Saturday 29 April at 1.30pm


Further callbacks / Audition


Cast required:



Paper seller Real cockney (some songs; singing ability not essential but good if available)

Tilly Pond;

Bar girl/tavern worker does a dance and singing Mid late 20’s (singing ability not essential but good if available)

Rose ;

Bar girl/tavern worker singing Mid late 20’s (singing ability not essential but good if available)

Richard Blakely:

Posh, English gentry arrogant

Ashley Branscombe:

Young well educated English gent

Jacob Wessley;

Man servant person assistant to Richard

Louise Blakley;

Richard’s niece, naive and scared of Uncle and love interest to Ashley

Chief Inspector Walter Beaver;

Slight ego with his fame, but a bit bumbling in his professional approach


The henchman of Richard and the monster


Tavern owner

Sir Charles Ormsby;

Typical English gentry of the time

Pearly Blossom

Main singer (singing ability required)

Drunk/ lamplighter; no special aspects


Subservient to Inspector

This production is our annual theatre restaurant – 7 performances

Season – 22, 23, 29, 30 July, 5, 6 and 12 August

All inquiries to William 33 115656 or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Audition will be held at the Chelmer Community Centre, Cnr. Queenscroft & Halsbury Streets, Chelmer

AUDITION - Run for your Wife PDF Print E-mail

Saturday 25th February 1:30pm

Run for your Wife by Ray Cooney


DIRECTOR: Alan Youngson




A London cab driver, John Smith, has two wives, two lives and a very precise schedule for juggling them both. Barbara and Mary live in neighbouring suburbs 10 minutes apart. By strict adherence to this schedule for years, John has been a successful but increasingly tired bigamist !


Trouble brews when John is mugged and ends up in hospital with mild concussion, where both of his addresses surface, causing both the Streatham and Wimbledon police to investigate.


Having upset his knife edge schedule, John tries bravely to cope but becomes hopelessly entangled in fanciful attempts to explain himself - to a succession of prying police detectives, two increasingly irate wives, the pushy newspaper photographer and a camp neighbor - by implying that Stanley his macho wisecracking friend from next door may be his lover – until he manfully confesses the truth- but nobody believes him !

These are superb and challenging character roles for actors aged 25 to 50 plus - especially for those who have experience playing English / British farce.


·      Below is information about auditions, audition scenes, character traits and actor capabilities. For a script, further info or discussion - please contact Alan asap mob: 0499089998 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

·         Any interested actors please contact me and send me their biography including mobile and email contact details, jpeg colour pics and list of roles they have performed and for which theatre company.


Audition will be held at:

Chelmer Community Centre, Cnr Queenscroft & Halsbury Streets, Chelmer. 

If for some reason, you are unavailable on that date, an earlier audition can be arranged.

CALLBACKS: (if necessary) TBA during the week of 26 Feb to 5 March.


MAY PERFORMANCES: 7:30pm Sat 6th; Friday and Saturdays May 12, 13, 19, 20, 26 & 27; Sunday matinees: 14 (6pm); and 21 (2pm). Cast must be available for all.

START OF REHEARSALS: Sunday 5th March, 2017                                                            

REHEARSAL SCHEDULE: Sundays 9:30am to 3.30pm – Full cast - as required;

plus Tuesdays and Thursdays 7pm – 10pm TBC dependent on cast availability but can accommodate the occasional 1st and/or 3rd Mondays of the month – 7pm to 10pm                                                                  

Technical, Dress & Preview week please keep free Sunday 30/4 to Friday 5th May.


Audition pages

Characters involved

ACT 1  2-3

Mary & Barbara

4,5 6, 7

Mary, John & Detective Sgt. Troughton


Troughton, Stanley, John

10, 11

John and Stanley

31 - 34

Bobby, Barbara and Stanley

34, 35

Stanley and Detective Sgt..Porterhouse

35 - 38

Mary, Porterhouse and Stanley

ACT 2 44 - 50

Troughton, John, Barbara and Stanley

54 - 58

Barbara, John, Stanley & Porterhouse

59 – 63 half way

Stanley, John, Barbara, Mary

63 half way - 72

Bobby, John, Mary, Stanley & Porterhouse

73 - 78

Troughton,  Porterhouse, Stanley, John & Mary


The Characters (Actors) must look the right ages and sound authentically British.



John Smith 30 to 40 years old. A bigamist London taxi driver with houses and wives, Mary and Barbara, in neighbouring suburbs -10 minutes apart

  • Needs to look innocent of bigamist behaviour to surprise audience and other characters.
  • Under pressure has capacity to come up with plausible and hilarious answers to unexpected situations - but still panics when alone
  • Interacts lovingly with both wives – but can also pretend he is gay
  • Needs excellent comic timing, physical versatility and great teamwork with Stanley especially

Stanley Gardner

35 to 45 years old. A fairly macho, wise cracking talker - happily unemployed, next door neighbour and a sponge !

  • Knows how to deliver witty lines
  • Good with British accents and characterisations
  • Physically demanding – sometimes has over the top reactions – especially when passed off as John’s gay partner
  • Pretends to be Barbara’s husband to police
  • Makes up story that John and Barbara have a naughty young child called Stanley who drinks and does drugs
  • Keeps putting his foot in his mouth
  • Needs excellent farce timing and great teamwork with John especially

Mary Smith attractive 25 - 35 years old from Streatham. Appears in control but a series of unexpected situations gradually throw her off-balance completely.   

  • Probably a red head with occasional drama queen personality
  • Fusses over John but treats him like an errant schoolboy
  • Outraged by Stanley posing as her husband to police
  • Physically and vocally demanding  - needs to be able perform the whole gamut of emotions - charming to frustrated, dramatic to outraged and distraught with hysterics and screams
  • Needs to run around in bra and panties for a short time
  • Needs excellent miming and comic timing with Barbara especially

Barbara Smith, 25-35 years old from Wimbledon. Pretty and happily married – doesn’t suspect anything – till later.

  • Probably a blonde who is mainly loving and believing of John – until he locks her in her bedroom and her kitchen saying to the policemen- “she is the maid.”
  • Needs excellent miming and comic timing with Mary especially

Detective Sergeant Troughton, aged 40-50. An experienced but officious police detective who doesn’t think anyone can pull the wool over his eyes.

  • Good vocal variety
  • Ability to be commanding physically and verbally to the point of being officious and intolerant of fools
  • Likes to surprise people and catch them out.

Detective Sergeant Porterhouse, 45-55 years old- bit of a plodder

  • A little droll (perhaps a Yorkshire) English accent
  • A bit gullible wanting to believe the best in people –often says naïve
  • Considerate and compassionate but a bit too philosophical about giving advice on married life

Bobby Franklyn, 30-35,  somewhat camp but happy with Cyril his dressmaker “girlfriend”

·         Subtly camp to begin but can do all the mannerisms and vocals

·         Charming and witty with women

·         Good comic timing

·         Occasionally, a bit of  a drama queen

Newspaper Photographer, any age

·         Pushy


Audition - A Little Murder Never Hurt Anybody PDF Print E-mail

Saturday, 3 September 2016 at 1:30pm 

Directed by:            Debra Chalmers

Season:                     12 November - 3 December 2016

Genre:                       Comedy/Farce


Matthew Perry a man brought up by surrounded by wealth and privilege suddenly finds himself in the middle of a midlife crisis.  Yearning the free and single jet setting life he declares to his wife on New Years Eve that he will murder her before the year is out.  But Julia has other plans, one of which is to stay alive to attend their daughter’s wedding.  Adding to the confusion in this “When’s he gonna do it” are the Perry’s dim witted daughter Bunny, her ever adoring fiancé Donald, the family Buttram who has his own secret or two and Plotnik a bumbling detective who couldn’t even buy a clue let alone find one.  And so the games begin – an hilarious yearlong match of wits and the witless, of body counts rising and of compromising situations all carried out on the grounds of the Perry family estate.


Rehearsals:  Sundays (all day) and Monday and Tuesday evenings.  May be subject to change.



Actors required – 5 Men and 3 Women


Matthew Perry:  (Generic American Accent) Mid to late 50’s - a man bought up surrounded by wealth and privilege suddenly finds himself in the middle of a midlife crises. 

Buttram:  (English Accent) Mid 50’s to 60’s – a pompous and stuffy long time family Butler who harbours a terrible secret.

Julia Perry:  (Generic American Accent) Mid 50’s – an elegant and intelligent woman who loves her husband despite his many faults is continually trying to keep one step ahead of him.

Bunny:  (Generic American Accent) Mid 20’s – Matthew and Julia’s sweet but dim witted daughter.

Donald:  (Generic American Accent) Early 30’s – Bunny’s fiancé.  He is a very earnest and somewhat naive young man and very much in love with Bunny.

Detective Plotnik:  (Be able to imitate famous detectives) 40’s to 50’s – A witless and bumbling detective who believes he is another Sam Spade and Charlie Chan.  

House Servant 1:  Male.  20’s to 30’s.  Non speaking role.  Responsible for set changes and will be given some action.

House Servant 2:  Female.  20’s to 30’s.  Non speaking role.  Responsible for set changes and will be given some action.          

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