Wrong Turn at Lungfish

By Garry Marshall and Lowell Ganz

Director Gary O'Neil

An intellectual comedy

The story of a blind and bitter college professor and his encounter with a saucy, street wise young woman who volunteers to read to him in the hospital. The clash of intellect and wit takes the two from animosity and fear to friendship and understanding. Both come to their relationship with questions, hers dealing with her station in life and her handsome boyfriend and his about past life choices. Both leave with hopeful answers, even after the boyfriend shows up.


By Stacey Gregg

Director John Boyce

When rumours and truth collide

Gethin is 23, just finished a film course and reckons he’s the next Scorsese. His Mum is on at him to do her friend’s wedding video – and before they get divorced. But Gethin is interested in a much more daring project – one that will test his friendships, piss off his sister, question his idealism and turn his life and that of his family upside down.

Perve is an irreverent and unsettling play that interrogates paranoia, ambiguity and innocence in our highly sexualized world.

Please note this show is for mature audiences only (adult themes)

Death and Deceit on the Nile

By Peter DePietro

Director William McCreery-Rye

Murder Mystery (our dinner theatre for this year)

An ancient Egyptian pharaoh's secret tomb and treasure has been discovered. Because of its extraordinary value, it has been named the "Eighth Wonder of the World."

A cast of bizarre international characters assembles to view it: a scheming professor, a voluptuous princess, a daffy housekeeper, a slick lounge lizard, an astute writer and a dealer in exotic antiques. Suddenly, gunshots ring out!

The archeological wonder becomes the focus of murder. Heated interrogations, shocking revelations and hilarious banter eventually give way to the dramatic realization of whodunit. When the killer is caught, the ancient gods of Egypt can rest easily ... or can they?

Breaker Morant

(updated from the original 1980 version with a few new twists )

By Ken Ross

Director Rod Felsch

"There are no truths in history ... only opinions"

'Don't make a mess of it.' Of such stuff are legends built, heroes made, and plays written. The popularity of Harry 'Breaker' Morant survives still, in this play written by Kenneth Ross. Here Ross, in theatrical terms, has created the last days of 'Breaker' Morant based on what is known of the characters involved, the circumstances leading up to the arrests, and a number of events known to have occurred at the time.


The Unexpected Guest

By Agatha Christie

Director Kurt A. Lerps

Another thrilling murder mystery from the Queen of Crime - from the director who brought us

The Mousetrap ......

A thriller as well as a puzzler set in a foggy estate in Wales, this mystery opens as a stranger walks into a house to find a man murdered and his wife standing over him with a gun. But the woman is dazed and her confession unconvincing. So the unexpected guest decides to help her and blame the murder on an intruder.

Later, the police discover clues that point to a man who died two years previously and a pandora's box of loves and hates, suspicions and intrigues is opened to the night air.