Winner! 2000-2001 Susan Smith Blackburn Prize

Winner! The Critics' Circle Best New Play Award

Winner! The People's Choice Best New Play Award

First seen in 2001, Charlotte Jones's play is an English country Hamlet featuring the melancholic figure of Felix Humble, an ill-adjusted physicist whose attempts to conceive a general theory of everything have come to naught. He returns to his late father's Cotswold garden to find his beloved bees have disappeared and his mother preparing to remarry before the funeral nibbles have reached room temperature.

Humble Boy is a comedy about broken vows, failed hopes and the joys of bee keeping. All is not well in the Humble hive. 35-year old Felix Humble is a Cambridge astrophysicist in search of a unified field theory. Following the sudden death of his father, Felix returns home to be with his difficult and demanding mother. He soon realizes that his search for unity must be expanded to include his own chaotic life.

"Sad, very sad; funny, very, very funny...this is a seriously wonderful play." - London Sunday Times

"Rich, original, intelligent, funny and touching. I can't recommend this lovely play too highly." - Daily Telegraph

Season - 7, 13, 14, 15, 20, 21, 22, 27 and 28 March

Sunday 15th and Friday 20th March are SOLD OUT

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