Gaslight - Audition Print


Saturday 17 August at 1.30pm



Director:  Kurt A Lerps




This classic thriller, set in Victorian London, was first produced in 1938 and later filmed twice, in Britain and in the USA. Ingrid Bergman won an Oscar for her portrayal of Bella Manningham in the latter version. Jack Manningham is slowly but deliberately driving his wife Bella, insane. He has almost succeeded when help arrives in the form of a former detective, Rough, who believes Manningham to be a thief and murderer. Aided by Bella Rough proves Manningham's true identity and finally Bella achieves a few moments of sweet revenge for the suffering inflicted upon her. A chilling psychological thriller






Bella Maningham – 30’s


Jack Maningham – 30 – 40


Inspector Rough – 50 – 60


Elizabeth – 40 – 50


Nancy – 25 – 30




I am looking forward to directing Gaslight “again” – it is a play that has been with me all my life!  I played Mr Maningham once and directed the play once in the round!  Nancy is cockney and the rest of the cast must have a mid-Atlantic or English accent! 



I will be rehearsing Sun/Mon/Tues!



Season - 3 - 23 November 2013




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