Dangerous Corner - Audition Print

22nd August   ----    1.30 pm


Director:  Kurt A Lerps

Assistant to the Director: Lee Bowers


At their stylish country retreat, Freda and Robert Caplan host a dinner party for their colleagues and friends.  Beautiful and successful, they have the world at their feet. Then a cigarette box and an ill-considered remark spark off a relentless series of revelations and other more dangerous secrets are painfully exposed. Dangerous Corner became one of the most popular plays Priestley ever wrote.



  • Robert Caplan                         30/40
  • Freda Caplan                           30’s
  • Betty Whitehouse                   30’s
  • Gordon Whitehouse                30’s
  • Olwen Peel                              30/40
  • Charles Trevor Stanton           40/50
  • Maud Mockridge                    45/50

Accents – mid Atlantic British

Cold read from script

Period: 1930’s


Season:   14, 20, 21, 22, 26, 27, 28 November 4, 5 December


PLEASE NOTE :  Rehearsals will be  Sun/Mon/Tues!

Audition will be held at the Chelmer Community Centre, Cnr. Queenscroft & Halsbury Streets, Chelmer.


As Kurt will be overseas until 12th August, if you need any further information please contact Lee on 0411156512 or Rhyll on 0414816976