The Woman in Black Adapted by Stephen Mallatratt From the novel by Susan Hill Print

Directed by John Boyce

This was one of those occasions when a community theatre group puts a show that is every bit as good as a fully professional theatre company.  The Centenary Theatre is often a cut above other amateur groups, but The Woman in Black has lifted the standard even higher. ... The set design by Genevieve Morrow Garner was atmospheric and efficient, with the front of the stage grim and grey and at the rear and, behind a scrim, the two well-furnished rooms in the haunted house.

And I have to admit that the sound and lighting design by Brian Hobby is without doubt the best I have ever seen in community theatre. It was timed perfectly with sharp, shock blackouts, subtle changes of lighting and perfectly timed and mixed soundscape that was as chilling as the action. And to add to the atmosphere the theatre itself was absolutely dark.

It was genuinely scary play. .... I found the performance quite outstanding. The two actors bonded into a terrific team and they produced taut and outstanding performances.  ... This is one play I would urge anyone to take a look at.  Eric Scott, 10.03.08,