The Gin Game Print

by D.L. Coburn, directed by Gary O'Neil

"The play won a Pulitzer Prize in 1978, and its energetic script is given the full treatment by director Gary O'Neil and those two great stalwarts of the Brisbane stage, Brian Cannon and Beverley Wood. It's such a treat to see experienced, super-competent actors take on a taxing two-hander like this, and to know that nothing is going to go wrong. They handle it perfectly ... This was such a good production ... It proves that amateur theatre isn't always for amateurs." Alison Cotes,, 12.03.05

"I wanted to e-mail to say how much we enjoyed The Gin Game on the Saty night just gone. My wife & I have never been to your theatre before & we had a great night enjoying a great piece done by great players who were well directed. Well done & we will be very regular attendees at your shows from now on." E-mail, GW, 04.03.05

"The performances of both [Beverley Wood & Brian Cannon] were impeccable and the delivery of lines in this tragi-comedy was perfect. This show ... is carefully crafted by two fine actors and is well worth a visit." Eric Scott,, 03.03.05